From delicate details to distinctive designs,
Floraison offers artistic floral design
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The floraison philosophy

Breathtaking flowers for your special celebration that will evoke a sense of elegance and romance when you look back at your images, elevating your event.

We believe in offering an exceptional client experience, tailored at every turn, going over and above to delight our clients with unique designs and attention to detail. Our personal service is second to none and we promise to create something that is exclusive to you – one-of-a-kind floral designs.

At Floraison we are passionate about floral design that is natural, unique and effortless.

Each single flower is carefully considered and chosen with care, perfectly placed to complement the overall aesthetic. We pride ourselves on discovering the unusual and creating designs that are out of the ordinary.  Only the finest flowers will do.


Our experience is tailored to you with an in-depth consultation so that we can create bespoke designs for each of our clients. From the very first contact, we will work closely together to ensure the experience is exceptional.


It is our eye for style that sets us apart. Thoughtful, beautiful and personal, our floral design will tell your story in the utmost style. Each design reflects the inimitable beauty of nature, promising organic yet elegant creations at the heart of every design.

Thoughtful design

our values

Meet the designer

the founder of Floraison. I’ve been a floral designer for almost ten years.

I began designing flowers when I was living in native Japan but having always been fascinated with French culture, I moved to Paris where I became inspired by the beautiful architecture and incredible history. France offers such beautiful venues, from historical chateaus to incredible gardens, with distinctive scenery in different regions. Whether Paris, the Loire Valley or pretty Provence, each location has charm and character and the combination of nature and architecture is unparalleled. As for Japan, it is still at the heart of how I do things and it is this sensibility and care of every detail that defines my style.

I seek to design the perfectly imperfect, creating unusual yet subtle designs that reflect nature with an undiscovered beauty that is effortless and refined. It is the marriage of these two cultures which gives the work such meaning, combining beauty with balance.

Hi, I'm Akiko,

In Japanese culture we find beauty in imperfection, the inspiration of irregularity and the narratives of seasonality, we appreciate the rhythms of nature and the beauty of something that doesn’t last forever. It is this Japanese philosophy that influences my creations.

My japanese roots

My focus is always on creating exceptional quality and a one-of-a-kind experience, combining understated luxury with unique designs you won't find anywhere else

I would love to bring your floral vision to life and to create something extraordinary for your event.
Get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Akiko x

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